Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Super model

One of the most beautiful model photo. A very young model in swim suit. She is a famous super model in Sri Lanka.

These are the most common and favorite suits among young girls.

Fashionable girl

Another high class fashion for young girls. Generally these outfits are suitable for private occasions such as meeting your boy friend, or gathering with friends.

This dress suits both day and night parties, beach parties, etc.

The model is looking gorgeous for this suit.


Two beautiful friends. These beautiful girls are very beautiful and of course they are Sri Lankan school girls.

A very attractive dress and they are perfectly matching for them. A dress can make a girl an angel.

Beach party

This is a beautiful Sri Lankan girl in a beach party. A very fashionable outfit to suit for a beach party. The model is also highly attractive and the dress makes her more beautiful.

These kind of fashions are also becoming a trend in Sri Lanka. That is a good sign of globalization.