Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sri Lankan models in Australia

Group of Sri Lankan models in Australia. Thailand grows their tourism by presenting their most beautiful girls. Now, Thailand is one of the major tourism destination.

We should select new models and actress from Sri Lanka and use them in the growth of tourism industry. We need to organize major fashion shows and music events to give young models a chance to get in to the business.

Place in international modeling industry

Sri Lanka is one of the major travel destination. It is a common thing that a country's beautiful girls, actress and models are getting in to sex entertainment industry when the tourism growth.

Big modeling companies like Victoria Secrets need more fresh models for their international shows. If promoted well, Sri Lankan models also can get into these major events because of their look and figures.

Essentials of entertainment

Entertainment and tourism industry is highly depend on beautiful actress and models. It is a common sense that a tourist's one major requirement is getting a girl from the destination.

Worlds biggest entertainment companies and modeling industry require more new faces everyday.

New Sri Lankan actress

This is another photo of a Sri Lankan new actress. Sri Lankan actress and models provide a big contribution for country's tourism industry. When more tourists start to visit Sri Lanka, they are getting more opprtunities to get business from foreign counties.

New actress bought new life to entertainment industry in Sri Lankan and for the region. These beautiful girls are a essential resource for a country's development.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beach party

This is a very good scene...!!!

The girl in the from is very sexy. This is the uniqueness of our Sri Lankan girls. Whether they are black or white they are beautiful. At least one part of the body....

Now this girl in the front seems like not even wearing a bra, is 100% sexy but not 100% beautiful. Beauty and s e x y is two different things.

Any one knows these girl? Please comment.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sri Lankan actress Nimesha

This is the maximum we can go with this photo. The rest of the scene you have to imagine yourself.

You may think that this should be an Indian girl, but she is not.

I found this photo from a trusted source and this is a very real Sri Lankan girl.

A perfect women with all features. She should be a model or actress, but actually she is just a amateur Sri Lankan girl.

We need your comments on these photos...

Indian vs Sri Lankan

Very innocent looking and very cute girl. I also have a little doubt about this photo. She is looking like a real Sri Lankan girl, but this photo is actually from an Indian site.

But the photo is also marked as a Sri Lankan girl.

All features of this girl are very sexy. From body features to sensations.

Any one knows about this photo please add your comments.

Rare photo of a school girl

A very rare photo of a Sri Lankan school girl's self shot photo. Young Sri Lankan girls are crazy.

I have no comments on this photo. I am speechless...

What a beautiful photo, wish I had more photos of this cute girl.

Thanuja in Colombo 7

I really think that these kind of girls are more attractive than actress or models. These are real Sri Lankan amateur girls.

This sexy girl is one of my best selection. I could not find a front view of this girl. Front view should be more sexier for her topless skinny.

Seems like a school girl, may be not.

Sri Lankan sexy pose

A sexy pose of a Sri Lankan girl. This is not a school girl like previous photos, but she is young enough to get in to this blog.

She looks rich, may be a high class chicken.

She looks used for several years but still sexy. Fantastic clothes and what you think about this girl. She is different than other girls in this blog.

What is she up to???

So beautiful Sri Lankan girl

No one will have a doubt about this girl or about this blog after this photo because you can know for sure that this is a real Sri Lankan girl. Why I tell that is because of the chair in the photo.

It is a real Sri Lankan chair. What a beautiful girl...!!!

These are the angels of earth. Can't believe how these girls become such beautiful and sexy. All features are so perfect.

Not sure this is a model, but I know that she can be a model.

A perfect one

It is an fantastic body. She is really beautiful. Yes, she is a real Sri Lankan girl.

She is perfect in all figures. Her face is wonderful, bust is like oven fresh cream buns and her skin shines like a blue ray video disk.

By looking at her I see war between heavens.

In the bathroom

Young Sri Lankan girl in the shower. This is a photo of a real Sri Lankan girl shot herself in the bathroom. Probably for her boyfriend. But her boyfriend shared it with his friends and we found it for you.

She is just wearing a skinny but no bra. Very sexy photo of a Sri Lankan school girl.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Panties collection

What a fantastic bunch of girls. I don't understand why the fat girl in the middle really want to show up in this photo. Hey, who knows there may other boys who likes fat girls. If she was the same size like other girls, she could be the most beautiful one in the bunch.

I really like the girl in the left side with a black pantie. Girls are so s e x y when they are in their under wears.

The girl in the right side also very beautiful. It is so great if she remove her short skirt and be on with pantie like the girl on the left.

Sri Lankan model with a very short dress

No words about her dress. She is wearing a dress of a five years old girl. I wonder how she looks when she stand up?

This is a real photo of a Sri Lankan girl. Some may already saw this photo. She is a model and I think an actress too. I'm not so sure that she is a Sri Lankan actress but I know for sure that she is a model.

I really can not figure out whether she is wearing a panty. May be she is wearing a g-string.

Any way this is a very beautiful photo of a young Sri Lankan girl.

You can zoom this photo by clicking on this photo. Have fun with this photo boys.

Home works

Here is another cute young school girl. Yep, She is a real Sri Lankan girl. Now Sri Lankan school girls like to wear very short skirts. Good for boys, they can watch the real beauty of young girls more than ever.

Few years back, school girls were not allowed to wear short uniforms, but now days we can see that school uniform is also getting shorter day by day.

I have no idea about her age, but her figure is so fantastic and really sexy.

Boy, you can not find photos like these any where in the web. So, check back daily for more fantastic updates.

School girl in her bedroom

Who don't like to see a girl when in their bed room! Girls are so nasty when they are alone. They do nasty things and playing around like dolls (some times in without any clothes on them) when they are in their beds.

There are some girls that goes to sleep as soon as they went to bed. Those are useless, really....

There are really cool girls that do funny things like being in without clothes and dancing, etc.

Do you know that girls, they love to call their boy friends being in in born kit. :)

Night clubs in Sri Lanka

Wow...!!! What a kiss.... They are so glamor because they really feel it. How do you explain her dress? fantastic, that is extremely beautiful. For sure, she is not wearing a bra.

It seems both are enjoying the kiss, because both girls eyes are closed. It seems like they are in a party.

Parties in Colombo are hot. Some night clubs in Sri Lanka has a day reserved only for girls.

Fantastic scene of young Sri Lankan girls.

If you have more photos like this of real Sri Lankan girls, please send update here.